The Heroes of Winterbury

It had been five long years since the hurricane that killed Queen Josephine Andrews of Winterbury while she was visiting the island nation of Noorabad. Since then, many of the displaced Noorabadis were still living in Winterbury. But, as King Edmund’s grief gave over to depression and he started taking bad advice, it looked like the Noorabadi people would need to leave their new lives behind and return to their homeland. Princess Leighanna hated this as much as she knew her late mother would. Could she, with the help of her friends, help her dad see reason and restore peace to her kingdom?

Find out in Book One of the Winterbury Series – out now in paperback and Kindle ebook!

Recommended ages 9-12.

Monique Bousquin started has been writing creatively for more than twenty years. Whether working with children in a professional capacity, or as a sister, mother, or aunt, she’s had a lifetime of experience looking for just the right story for any situation. And, when the right hero couldn’t be found, she created one. Sensing the need for stories that represented the children in her life, Monique created a world that was as inclusive, diverse, and accessible as the world she would like to see. Extensive research was done to add nuance and authenticity to the different characters featured in this the first book in The Winterbury Series. Monique and her husband, Lee, live in Massachusetts with their four children. They enjoy sharing a deep love for several different geek fandoms, their large board and deck builder collection, and video games. Their family motto is “the family that (comic) cons together, bonds together.”